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Chief Pilot - PC-12




Employment - Permanent
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Minimum requirements

Total time
2000 hours
PIC time
1000 hours
Type rating
Not required (Training Provided)
Lic. Authority
Class 1
Covid-19 vaccination
Not specified

Additional requirements

  • Excellent communication skills and quick and accurate decision making
  • Bachelor of Science or equivalent experience
  • Must be able to secure appropriate airport authority and security badges
  • Must have a valid passport, and ability to travel internationally
  • Must be able to pass a 10-year Background/Criminal check and pre-employment drug screen
  • Ability to work varying hours of the day or night, on weekends and holidays


  • Masters Degree preferred

Interview, screening and training section

Step 1
Under FAA regulations the company is required to conduct pre-employment drug testing and receive a negative test result for marijuana, cocaine, opiates, phencyclidine (PCP), and amphetamines or a metabolite of those drugs in your system before the company hires you to fill an FAA Covered Position.. You will not be asked to submit a pre-employment drug test unless and until your application reaches the final stages of the application process. If you do not wish to submit to drug testing, you may withdraw your application now or at any time. Any testing will be conducted at the Companys expense. If you refuse to submit to a pre-employment drug test, the Company will reject your application for employment for any FAA Safety Sensitive Position or Non-Safety Sensitive Position.

Be careful

Don't provide your bank or credit card details when applying for jobs. Protect yourself.

Base location

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Chief Pilot - PC-12
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