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Fleet: 200
AC on order: 46

Captain - B757





Employment - Permanent
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Minimum requirements

Total time
6000 hours
PIC time
2000 hours
2000 hours
Type rating
Not required (Training Provided)
Flight time notes
  • Requirements for type-rated captains:
  • Total hours: 5000 hrs
  • Total PIC hours on type: 1000 hrs
  • Total jet hours: 2000 hrs
Lic. Authority
Class 1
ICAO ELP level
Covid-19 vaccination
Not specified

Additional requirements

  • Bilingual - English / Spanish - minimum, level 5 (oral and written), certified by the AAC.
  • Excellent interpersonal relationships.
  • High capacity for analysis, communication, decision making and problem solving.
  • Willingness and availability to devote the necessary time required.

Compensation and benefits

Insurance - Life
Insurance - Loss of Lic.
Insurance - Medical
Per Diem
Type rating


  • Competitive employment package directly with the airline
  • Long-term contract
  • Per diems: USD 200 per duty day outside the base
  • Block hours: 60 hrs per month for fixed salary
  • Overtime: Paid above 60 hours per month
  • Bonus for flying on holidays, Sundays or days off
  • Bonus for being on stand by
  • 30-days annual leave
  • Regulatory medical exams costs covered
  • Ship crew and tourist visa costs covered
  • Passport renewal costs covered
  • Type-rating will be provided by the airline for non-type-rated pilots.
  • Yearly wage raises as per policies
  • Christmas bonus as per policies
  • Yearly allowance for pilots who are in college
  • Bonus provided when finishing college
  • Health, life and license loss insurances

Be careful

Don't provide your bank or credit card details when applying for jobs. Protect yourself.

Base location

Panama flagPanama | C. America & the Caribbean
Base location icon PTY - Panama City
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Captain - B757
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