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PilotsGlobal offers aircraft operators a fully digital way to source cockpit crew candidates at scale.

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From $499 per premium vacancy, or start for free with the regular job ads.


Reach hard to find candidates at scale, increase the number of résumés on file.


Deliver your brand to Pilots, attract the best talent by standing out among competitors.

PilotsGlobal is where Pilots find their next career destination and employers can go to locate experienced aviation professionals for their fleet.

Your vacancy appears when pilots search for the opportunities you have to offer, considering its unique requirements such as flight time, aircraft type, license, type rating, and location.

Displaying your vacancy at the right time to the right audience helps you streamline your candidate pipeline sourcing processes more efficiently, resulting in faster time to hire and cost savings.

PilotsGlobal provides a unique opportunity to showcase your brand to the wide Pilot audience at scale.

Attract hard to find candidates, improve recruitment performance, engagement and retention initiatives by enhancing your company's employer brand.

72% of recruiting leaders worldwide believe that employer branding has a significant impact on hiring.

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