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Aviation Consulting and Advisory Services

At PilotsGlobal, we're dedicated to helping organizations solve their toughest challenges in Pilot workforce recruitment, management, and retention. We work as a partner directly with your team to develop and integrate customized solutions to support your organizational objectives.

Pilot recruitment

  • Recruitment planning & strategy development

  • Candidate sourcing

  • Applicant screening & shortlisting

    • Employer branding & marketing

    • Recruitment budgeting

    • Processes automation and candidate management

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  • Selection strategy and candidate evaluation processes development

  • Candidate screening & assessment optimization

  • Interview & background check processes improvement

    • Feedback, cross-department and candidate communication enhancements

    • Processes automation & cost reduction

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Hiring & Training

  • Hiring & Training processes digitalization

Retention & Turnover

  • Corporate retention and turnover performance analysis, forecasting

  • Turnover reduction strategy development

  • Pilot engagement & internal organizational tools

    • Succession planning

    • Turnover organizational costs assessments

    • Corporate transparency & information sharing

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Compensation & Benefits

  • Market compensation & benefits data

  • Compensation & Benefits competitive strategy development for new talent attraction and current workforce retention improvements

  • Compensation & Benefits market data (global & regional)


Pilot Recruitment Solutions

Cost Optimization

  • Direct/Indirect, Hard/Soft, Visible/Invisible, Pre-hire and Post-hire organizational cost analysis

  • Cost optimization strategies development

  • Recruiting costs

    • Separation costs

    • Lost productivity costs

    • Hiring and training costs

Market & Data Services

  • Pilot supply and demand assessments

  • Pilot job seeker qualification and market data

  • Competitive employers pilot hiring data and requirements criteria

    • Compensation & Benefits market data (global & regional)

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Processes Automation

  • Flexible solutions to automate your pilot related processes (recruitment, selection, hiring & training, internal communications, rostering, pilot workforce management, etc)

Digital Transformation & Strategy

  • Custom tailored solutions for Pilot HR and Flight Operation departments to move your organization forward into the digital age.


Pilot Recruitment Solutions

Who we serve

  • Airlines

  • Air Charter

  • Recruitment Agencies

  • Business Aviation

  • Flight School

  • General Aviation

  • Aircraft Manufacturers


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