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Captain - Challenger 300/850


Advanced Air | Air Charter United States


Challenger 300/850

Employment -  Permanent


Applicants must be able to show proof of right to work in the U.S.

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Advanced Air

  • Air Charter

  • Fleet 23

United States | N. America

Captain - Challenger 300/850

  • Rated


Challenger 300/850

Employment - Permanent

  • HHR - Hawthorne

  • United States

Minimum Requirements

Total Time
PIC Time
Time on type
Type Rating
Flight Time Breakdown
1st Class Medical
4000 hours
3000 hours
Not Specified
  • 4,000 hours total time
  • 3,000 hours PIC
  • 3,000 hours multi-engine land
  • 1,500 hours multi-engine PIC
  • 2,000 hours turbine.

Addition Requirements

  • High school diploma or GED
  • ATP Multi Required
  • CL300 PIC Type Rating
  • Digital dexterity for aircraft preflight and post flight
  • Ability to work in confined spaces and to manipulate, push, pull, and lift heavy objects in excess of 150 lbs
  • Ability to climb onto and off of an airplane wing as part of the preflight, post flight, or during an over wing emergency exit
  • Ability to execute flights of up to 4.5 hours up to a total flight time of 10 hours per day during a 14 hour duty period


Schedule bidding
On Call periods
Days Off
  • Flight crews can expect to average 30 flight hours a month.
  • Flight Crews average 15 flying days a month and 8 to 12 nights away from base as the schedule allows
  • The pilots schedule is bid 14 days in advanced and built on a mixture of Days ON and Days OFF that will generate 6 days off a month and 4 Flex Days Off. Days that are listed as On flight crews will be available to work for Advanced Air. Days that do not have assigned flying will have a set On Call period to them.
  • On Call periods will require flight crew to be within approximate two hours of the airport and in a fit to fly state.
  • Days OFF, the pilot will not be expected to be available for Advanced Air.

Compensation & Benefits

Per Diem Insurance - Life Insurance - Medical Travel Paid Time Off Overtime pay 401(k)


  • PIC Base Pay 140,000.00 Depending on Experience
  • Paid time off
  • Day Off Pay at 200%; $200.00 to $800.00 per day off depending on Airframe qualification
  • Hourly Bonus for Flight hours over 65 in a month
  • $2.45 Per Diem pay for all hours associated with Flight Duty
  • Current pilot schedule is built off a Priority Bid System allowing for maximum meaningful days off
  • Easy to use Flight/Travel Benefits; current contracts include Delta, Alaska, and Southwest
  • KCM for your personal domestic travel
  • Retention of all hotel points and airline miles while on business travel
  • 401k plan with dollar for dollar employer match up to 4%
  • 100% Company Paid Health Insurance including Medical, Dental, Vision and $15,000 in life insurance
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